Orange IM can now increase efficiency, control and transparency for all stakeholders involved in improving operational excellence in the analysis and reporting of management and investor performance

– Jouke Schneider

Our Customer

Orange Investment Managers is a European investment manager specialized in the acquisition, management and financing of parking garages. Orange IM is the investment manager of several parking funds in Europe, with a current portfolio of approximately EUR 200 million spread over various countries. The goal for the next two years is to increase this to EUR 500 million in assets under management by investing at least 70% in the core countries of Europe. For more information, visit

Orange IM’s main goal is to contribute to a safer, healthier and more sustainable living environment by investing in and managing the right infrastructure assets. They believe that strong partnerships with the right people will make a difference for the future.

The Challenge

To achieve its objectives, Orange IM requires constant innovation and development, both internally and from its business partners. Orange was looking for a software solution that could help strengthen its operational excellence and position in the parking garage investment market by:

  • Calculating, analyzing and reporting the composition and attribution of performance, taking into account the relevant performance and benchmark standards
  • Comparison of actual and expected performance with strategic expectations as approved by the management team and investors in the investment proposals
  • Demonstrate their track record to current and potential investors, and
  • Ensuring efficiency and advanced data validation and quality.
The Solution

Together with Orange IM, FundStar has drawn up and implemented a plan to optimally support Orange’s requirements for achieving operational excellence. Orange IM’s strategic approach to Performance Management and the requirements to start at the fund level were not adequately supported by software companies in the industry. After an efficient pilot with a sub-portfolio of assets, FundStar was implemented.

Thanks to this successful implementation project, Orange IM can now calculate, analyze and report its performance indicators in three simple steps, from fund through portfolio to asset level, and benchmark the results against its strategic expectations in the approved investment proposals. Orange IM has also gained insight into the contributing components such as assets, accounts, types and regions that make up the financial performance of funds and portfolios. This has resulted in a significantly improved performance planning and control cycle and has therefore improved operational excellence.