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Looking for advice or hands-on support for your BI (reporting) project?

We offer advice and resources to assist you with your full BI project.

Our consultants can help you with:


A good preparation increases the quality and saves time and budget


Our consultants and developers lay the foundation for more insights in less time

Test & training

We ensure you can rely on the best quality and integration in your daily operation

From data to information

To make smart decisions, all data, both from within and outside our organization, must be gathered in one place. This is called the “Single Source of Truth.” This makes it easier to extract valuable information from the data when it’s in one place.

Preparing and analyzing data: Once all the data is collected, we need to ensure that it is organized and understandable. Only when the data is organized can we truly examine it and draw conclusions.

To execute these initial steps effectively, extensive real estate knowledge is crucial.

This is how it works  (step by step)

Regardless of the phase of your project, our consultants provide hands-on assistance with the following steps.

Are you still in the early stages of the project? We help you research and assess the actual needs within your organization. With our extensive knowledge of real estate, we can assist you effectively in this regard. Subsequently, we assist you in selecting the reporting solution.

Are you already further along? With our hands-on approach, we not only offer advice and project management but also provide the “hands-on” support in building the integrations, data management, and reporting.

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